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A tradition, a journey, a discovery...


From a young age, Lebanese-born Lina Ariss-Abdo was no stranger to traveling the world. She was exposed to multiple cuisines and flavors, lived in Beirut, Paris and New York, with frequent travels around the world. She settled in New York where she pursued a career in pediatrics until an illness suddenly forced her to stop practicing medicine in 2002.
Lara, her daughter, was a junior in high school when she urged her mother they start their own family business. They’d been shopping around for unique party favors for Lara's graduation without success, when Lara realized that they likely weren’t the only ones looking for that something special to give guests. Lina had always had a flair for the creative, whether in her sense of style or while entertaining guests. For parties she would hand-make unique, often edible, gifts that were always a hit. Lara decided that this idea could benefit others and very quickly the whole family joined hands and heads: a concept was born, and in 2007, Les Cinq Amandes came to life.
What do we do?
We call it the Art of the Five Senses.
We are both, gifts and confectionary experts. Driven by our rich life experiences and imagination, we combine exquisite confections from around the world with unique gift and favor designs. Everything at Les Cinq Amandes is handmade, and we work with master artisans that share our passion, love of craftmanship, and quality. They respect our commitment to tradition and innovation especially when it comes to creating exciting new products.
Les Cinq Amandes simply invites you to indulge, with all five senses, on a sensational and universal journey. From the shapes, colors, and feel of fine material, to the distinctive flavors and aromas, prepare yourself for an incomparable and unforgettable experience.
Why Five Almonds?
It all started in mid-16th century Europe.
The Florentine Medici Family introduced the dragées to all the Royal European Courts, at the wedding of Catherine De Medici in 1533. It was an instantaneous hit, and the dragée became a special candy for special occasions given in groups of five representing the five wishes for happiness, health, wealth, longevity and fertility - this tradition has spread and continues in many parts of the world, mostly unchanged, until now.
Les Cinq Amandes, took the centuries old tradition and updated it by offering innovative flavors and colors of dragées, creating couture, modern and outstanding designs, and renewing the set of wishes to Peace, Health, Happiness, long life and of course, Love.
The result: An incomparable gift giving experience infused with elegance and symbolism!
Since as far as we can remember, we have been creating exceptional custom-made artisanal favors and gifts for close friends and family.
In late 2007 we launched Les Cinq Amandes (The Five Almonds LLC.) from our kitchen table.
From the very first day -11/11/2007- the company received exceptional feedback. Since then our impressive list of clients has only been increasing. From hotels (Les Cinq Amandes was designated Platinum Vendor at the Ritz Carlton Westchester Hotel and outstanding designer worldwide), to corporate companies, celebrity party planners, high-end stores and boutiques, dignitaries, politicians, royals and people of fine taste from around the world. We thank every single person who joined us on this fantastic journey of discovery!